dillard mill

A red mill set on the blue waters of Huzzah Creek is as pretty a picture as there is in Missouri, and that’s the setting for Dillard Mill State Historic Site. The site interprets one of the state’s best-preserved gristmills, completed in 1908 as the Mische Mill. It was operational until 1956 and was renamed Dillard Mill in 1975 when the State of Missouri took over management of the property. Most of the machinery in the mill is still intact and original to the building. If you like the outdoors, the site’s location on Huzzah Creek in the Ozarks provides plenty of opportunities to explore, fish, hike, and picnic.


Explore Missouri’s best preserved water-powered gristmill. Tours are given of the mill and of the Wilhite Store by appointment.

Enjoy the 1.4 mile Mill View Trail. A scenic view from the bluff of the picturesque Dillard Mill is the reward for hiking this trail.

Cast your line into the clear waters of the Huzzah Creek, which offers various sunfish, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass.

Enjoy a lunch at the large pavilion or picnic tables located along the trail to the mill.